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SBX-350 Orbitrek Exercise Bike

Rs. 31,999.00

  • Heart Rate Monitor: SBX-350 Orbitrek Exercise Bike is equipped with heart rate sensors on its handgrips to keep an eye track on your pulse rate so as to control your running condition.
  • Adjustable Resistance and Seat Height - With the turn of a knob, the resistance level can be adjustable. And the seat can adjust vertically, which creates extra comfort for all users. With 4 way adjustable seat locks.
  • More Calories Consuming - This exercise bike is designed to give you a gentle and low impact, yet effective cardio workout for your upper and lower body. 
  • User Friendly design: The exercise bike features a large soft-padded seat, large anti-slip pedals and adjustable seat height for any user can easily use it by its adjustable features.

At home workout

Never compromise your
activity be any reason. Exercise with complete flexibility of your time at home


Full body workout? 

Elliptical Trainer requires full physical effort - both on the water and at home. Training with the SBX-350 Elliptical Trainer is without a doubt a next-level full-body workout by using numerous muscle groups at the same time and improving endurance. Not only do you activate up to 85% of your body muscles, but you also boost fat burning and muscle building and effectively strengthen your back and lower body! Training as varied and effective as in the gym

Track your workout

Track Your Workout: With a convenient LCD monitor that
displays your time,live second-by-second rowing count, calories, and total rowing count, you will be able to track your progress and modify your current routine appropriately and keep you further motivated and aim for improvement. With this easy to read and informative apparatus, you will be able to see your progress and meet your fitness goals efficiently.